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What can SeriousMD do for you?

All-In-One Practice Management & Electronic Health Records Solution
Manage your schedule, maximize time, see more patients & anticipate daily patient load.

Access Your Medical Records Anytime
Paralyzed without your secretary? Access complete records - anytime & from anywhere.

Secure Data with 24/7 Backups
Keep your data secured with the latest encryption technology with 24/7 back ups.

Less Clutter, More Space for the 21st Century Doctor
Full of patient records from floor to ceiling? Have everything you need in one app.

Works Offline and Works Even Better Online
Access your data anywhere while offline. Work together with your staff while online.

What Doctors are saying about

I’m very happy that you are constantly improving this app & providing wonderful support. Your work is an enormous benefit to the Philippine healthcare system.

Alembert Lee-Ong, M.D.
Colorectal Surgeon

Having an app which has an elaborate design and yet easy to use enabled me to keep track of all my patients' records anytime, anywhere - even when I'm away.

Leila Hedriana-Baroña, M.D.

I just did surgery and accessed SeriousMD Web on my iPhone to document and input my notes in the operating room! I love the accessibility of the app!

Byron S. Angeles, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon

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